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Academic Clinical Programme (ACP) Organisation Charts

ACPs are integrated frameworks designed to support our vision towards Academic Medicine (AM) for 15 clinical specialities, harnessing the expertise of each discipline across SingHealth and Duke-NUS for greater synergy in clinical care, education and research.

Our appointed ACP leaders provide leadership to drive our vision towards AM and achieve AM priorities within their respective ACPs.

Click below to view ACP Organisation Charts.

​     Obstetrics & Gynaecology ACP (OBGYN ACP)
​     Paediatrics ACP (PAEDS ACP)
​     Medicine ACP (MED ACP)
​     Surgery ACP (SURG ACP)
​     Ophthalmology & Visual Sciences ACP (EYE ACP)
​     Neuroscience ACP (NEUROSC ACP)
​     Cardiovascular Sciences ACP (CVS ACP)
​     Oncology ACP (ONCO ACP)
​     Pathology ACP (PATH ACP)
​     Radiological Sciences ACP (RADSC ACP)
​     Oral Health ACP (ORH ACP)
​     Anaesthesiology & Perioperative Sciences ACP (ANAES ACP)
​     Musculoskeletal Sciences ACP (MSKSC ACP)
​     Family Medicine ACP (FM ACP)
​     Emergency Medicine ACP (EM ACP)