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Clinical Quality Improvement Workgroups

Cluster Toxicology Consultation Service

• Set up & Implemented in May 2018

• Discussion on collaboration with Shell Petroleum currently underway

• Extend the service to other Petrochemical Companies, SH polyclinics and GPFirst Partners

• Average of 32 cases per month

​Top 3 Toxins No. of Cases ​
​Anti-depressants ​11

• Issues Encountered- Accreditation of VC

OBGYN + Paeds Work Group

• Develop evidence-based best practice guidelines and address patient safety issues in the management of pediatric and O&G emergency conditions encountered in the Emergency Departments

• Identifying common topics and sustain a training/refresher model for Drs/Nurses

• Synergise amongst the 4 Eds


Sepsis Management Workgroup

• Translating to Clinical Practice

• Publication/Research – Singhealth Duke-NUS Scientific Conference

• Survey on Ground Issues


Common Research ED Database


Build QI Trust

• A survey was conducted across the 4 EDs to study the QI landscape

• In the process of forming a QI work group

• Exploring the feasibility of a cluster QI portal through IPSQ

• Share and extend QI initiatives via the work group and engagement sessions

• Looking to work with IPSQ to groom QI talents

Global Health- Collaborations with ICO

• Led by Adj Prof Anantharaman Venkataraman

​Completed Programmes ​Remarks
​Karnataka India (Pre-Hospital Care) Pending report to Temasek Foundation ​
​Nepal (Disaster Management) Pending report to Temasek Foundation​

​​Ongoing Programmes ​Remarks
​Haryana, India (Emergency Care) Pending one last trip 2020 (Funded by ICO) ​

​​Upcoming Programmes ​Remarks
​Cambodian (Life support training) Funding from Cambodia ​
Indonesia (Advanced Disaster Management) ​Proposal submitted to Temasek Foundation ​