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Clinical Services Overview

Strategic Objectives

1. Facilitate collaboration in provision of FM clinical services to ensure patient care is seamless across the care continuum

2. Leverage on collective expertise in care delivery to standardize patient care guidelines

3. Improve clinical services by applying the principles and values of Family Medicine.


The Clinical Services domain is structured in this way to ensure integrated and seamless care through the continuum of care across and within the various institutions.

Programmes and Initiatives

1. Improve the continuity of care of patients by improving structure and processes so that patients can move seamlessly from one institution to another. Currently, patients managed at various settings are discharged in haphazard setting, resulting in poor continuity of care. By defining criteria agreed by members across the various care settings, it ensures that patients are properly handed over when patients move from one setting to another. The FM units in acute hospitals can coordinate the process in the hospital, and polyclinics will “Bring Home” patients from hospitals in a more seamless and structured way.

2. Establish and implement best practices in the various FM care settings. The various FM departments currently have their own guidelines in managing their patients. A review of guidelines will ensure all departments have similar contents to provide consistent high quality care to patients in the various settings. New guidelines will also be established in areas that have not been developed.

3. Increase scope of practice for Family Physicians (FPs) in SingHealth and create opportunities for FPs to practise in various care settings and further develop their competencies.

4. Collaborate with SingHealth Regional Health System (RHS) to identify areas of need in the communities that FM ACP serves and develop programs and new models of care that will meet their needs and improve their health outcome.

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