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FM ACP Shared Decision Making Webinar 2020 on 19 Sep

SDMW 2020 Poster v3.jpg

Catch up with FM ACP Shared Decision Making Webinar! View the following video recordings:

1. Opening Address by Clin Asst Prof Adrian Ee (Chair, FM ACP)

2. Decision-making: what do patients in Singapore desire? by Clin Assoc Prof Tan Ngiap Chuan (Vice Chair, Research, FM ACP)

3. Decision-making: what do patients in Malaysia desire? by Prof Dr Lee Ping Yein (Department of Family Medicine, Universiti Putra Malaysia)

4. Shared decision making: How can it be carried out effectively in primary care practice? by Prof Dr Ng Chirk Jenn (Deputy Dean (Research), Professor of Primary Care Medicine,University of Malaya) - part 1 & part 2

5. Presentation on:

a. Implementing SDM in the use of ICS for asthma with a novel PDA by Dr Zheng Lifeng, FM ACP  

b. Implementing SDM in colorectal cancer screening with a novel PDA by Dr Julia Yuen, FM ACP

c. Implementing SDM in gout treatment with a novel PDA by Dr Meykkumar Meyappan, FM ACP

d. Implementing SDM in LUTS with a pictorial PDA (VAUS) by Dr Haidee Ngu, FM ACP

6. Q&A session - part 1, part 2 & part 3