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Medical Student Clinical Posting

Medical Students from Duke-NUS Medical School, Lee Kong Chian School of Medicine (LKC) , Yong Loo Lin School of Medicine (YLL) are taken through a 5-6 weeks clinical rotation aimed to fulfil the various objectives set by their medical schools. The core posting aims to develop O&G knowledge and skills, to guide students through various stages of labour for an obstetrics patient, obstetrics emergencies as well as various gynaecological issues in a gynae patient. We collaborate with the medical schools to provide holistic teaching through simulation-based teaching, lecture series and clinical tutorials.

Learning objectives during clinical posting:


a) Under adequate supervision and approval, to assist clinic doctors in taking a proper history and conduct physical examination where appropriate


a) Learn how to clerk and always ask HO’s permission before clerking

b) Report to Ward MO / Registrar as per roster assignment

c) Attend ward rounds to identify cases for write-ups

d) Students are not allowed to document orders on case notes or access records irrelevant to your case studies

e) By regulation, strictly do not attempt to access any TOP cases


a) Assist House Offices in clerking and examining patients in labour

b) Follow House / Medical Officers when they attend to patients in the wards

c) Follow the patients’ labour journey

d) Assist in O&G procedures as and when necessary

e) Normal deliveries

  • Must observe 2 deliveries first before being allowed to attempt delivery.
  • Can only deliver cases assigned to them for monitoring by the Registrar-on-call or the Nursing staff in charge of delivery suite
  • Delivered cases must be signed off by the Registrar-on-call or on delivery suite duty

f) Episiotomy repairs

  • Encouraged to observe 2 and complete 2 episiotomy repairs during their posting
  • Watch online video on Entrada


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