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Lee Kong Chian School of Medicine (LKC)


Learning Objectives through Clinical Posting:


  • Describe physiology of pregnancy, including changes in haematological and biochemical parameters
  • Describe physiology of menstrual cycle
  • Describe relevant pelvic anatomy
  • Describe pathology of core conditions/presentations
  • Discuss principles of management of termination of pregnancy
  • Describe schedule of antenatal care for low-risk pregnant women, including prenatal screening
  • Normal labour & delivery – explain principles of management, including diagnosis, stages, monitoring of progress (including partogram), CTG interpretation, episiotomy and perineal repair
  • Discuss delivery complications – instrumental delivery, Caesarean section, post-partum haemorrhage perineal problems
  • Core procedures (diagnostic, therapeutic, surgical) – describe common indications, contraindications and complications


Manage patients:
  • Gather an accurate history, that is contextualized to the clinical situation
  • Implement a structured approach to enquiry for a specific symptom(s)
  • Perform physical examinations of relevant systems, recognizing normal and abnormal findings
  • Perform where appropriate specific or intimate examinations, including obstetric abdominal examination and bimanual vaginal examination, recognizing normal and abnormal findings
  • Formulate differential diagnoses with justification
  • Recognise ‘red flag’ presentations requiring prompt further assessment
  • Describe appropriate initial investigation(s)
  • Interpret relevant investigations and apply them to aid diagnosis
  • Generate and explain in outline management plans using evidence-based medicine
  • Describe commonly used drug - indications, contraindications & adverse effects
Perform procedures:
  • Perform specific procedures including: speculum, genital swabs and PAP smear, recognizing normal and abnormal findings

Specific Procedures:

  • Diagnostic / therapeutic
    1. Cuscoe’s speculum (to perform)
    2. Genital swabs (to perform)
    3. PAP smear (to perform)
    4. Transvaginal ultrasound (to observe)
    5. Endometrial biopsy (to observe)
  • Surgical
    1. Caesarean section (to observe)
    2. Instrumental delivery (to observe)
    3. Hysteroscopy (to observe)
    4. Laparoscopy (to observe)
    5. Hysterectomy (to observe)


  • Mini-CEX for airway assessment
  • End of posting quiz