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Clinical Overview


Innovation in healthcare improves the efficiency, effectiveness, quality, sustainability, safety and/ or affordability of healthcare. In Surgery Academic Clinical Programme (SURG ACP), our clinicians lead healthcare innovations to improve the ability to meet public and personal healthcare needs and demands by optimising the performance of the healthcare system.

National Surgical Quality improvement Programme (NSQIP)

Since embarking on the *The American College of Surgeons - National Surgical Quality Improvement Programme (ACS NSQIP) in June 2017, there have been improvements in various outcomes, especially in reducing Average Length of Stay (ALOS). The SGH NSQIP team is led by Surgeon Champion, Associate Professor Ong Hock Soo and comprises three Surgical Clinical Reviewers (SCRs), Surgeon representatives from various departments and divisional administrators from the SGH Division of Surgery & Surgical Oncology.


It has been more three years since the implementation of the ACS NSQIP in SGH. The team continues to see positive outcomes such as the reduction in ALOS for Colorectal after implementing Enhanced Recovery After Surgery (ERAS), as shown by the NSQIP risk-adjusted smoothed rate report. This has allowed the team to expand their portfolio with the recently added three procedure-targeted modules: Hysterectomy/ Myomectomy, Total Hip Arthroplasty and Nephrectomy.

Clinical and Systems Innovation Support (CSI)

Clinicians in SURG ACP have been building up their capabilities and putting in resources to inculcate the innovative culture within their communities to drive ideas/ solutions to meet clinical needs and improve the quality of care for patients. In support of such initiatives across institutions, clinicians can tap on Clinical and Systems Innovation Support (CSI).