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AM-ETHOS Academic Administrator Fellowship

The Academic Administrator Fellowship is an Administrators Development programme under AM-ETHOS. Development of Administrators’ competencies is key for successful implementation of Academic Medicine initiatives. To enhance the Academic Medicine learning and grow academic vibrancy, it is necessary to equip key administrators and senior staff to support the advancement of Academic Medicine and medical education.

The Academic Administrator Fellow who is awarded the Fellowship will hold a key role in supporting the advancement of Academic Medicine through his/her Academic Clinical Programme (ACP)/Joint Institute, and cultivates collaborations with Duke Health, Durham, USA. Through collaborative efforts with Duke Health, the Fellowship provides an excellent opportunity for the Academic Administrator Fellow to gain leadership exposure from Senior Administrators in Duke Health.

The Academic Administrator Fellow and the Duke Senior Administrator will work closely together in achieving mutual agreement to engage in collaborative/specific projects beneficial to either or both the Duke Department and the ACP or Joint Institute over an one year Fellowship period.

The objectives of the Academic Administrator Fellowship are to:
a) Develop administrative and leadership competencies in various roles and responsibilities in Academic Medicine
    and medical education;

b) Leverage best practices at Duke Health to cultivate a vibrant Academic Medicine culture and drive administrative
    excellence at SingHealth Duke-NUS AMC;

c) Facilitate mutual learning, cross-exposure and immersion across the two AMCs which will deepen collaboration
    ties and broaden learning opportunities for Academic Administrators;

d) Recognise and support the development of excellent and passionate role models who will mentor junior 
     Academic Administrators.