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AM-ETHOS Academic Mentor Development Fellowship

The Academic Mentor Development Fellowship is a faculty mentoring Fellowship under AM-ETHOS. The Academic Mentor Development Fellow who is awarded the Fellowship will help inculcate a strong academic mentorship culture and grow a resourceful mentoring support framework within the SingHealth Duke-NUS AMC. The Fellowship focuses on building leadership / research / education pipelines by providing the opportunity for the Academic Mentor Development Fellow to gain leadership /research / education exposure and mentorship opportunity from senior faculty at Duke Health, Durham, USA.

The Academic Mentor Development Fellow will develop an Academic Mentor Development Plan with the Academic Mentor to establish collaborative problem solving/improvement goals to work on over an eighteen-month Fellowship period.

The objectives of the AM-ETHOS Academic Mentor Development Fellowship are to:

a) Develop and cultivate strong Academic Medicine leadership who can advance our AMC and improve medical education at Duke-NUS;

b) Cement sustainable connection and further collaborations with Duke Health, Durham, USA;

c) Leverage the best practices and academic culture sharing of Duke Health, Durham, USA, by pairing Fellows with Duke Academic Leaders and Chairs; and

d) Recognise outstanding and excellent Faculty Leaders who will mentor and play the role of career navigators for Duke-NUS medical students and junior faculty within his / her respective SingHealth Duke-NUS Academic Clinical Programme (ACP) or Joint Institute or strategic area.