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AM-ETHOS Duke-NUS Medical Student Fellowship

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The Duke-NUS Medical Student Fellowship (Duke-NUS MSF) is an AM-ETHOS initiative which provides funding support for Duke-NUS Medical Students who are undertaking their research/scholarly projects with a Mentor from the SingHealth Duke-NUS Academic Clinical Programme (ACP).

The Duke-NUS MSF hopes to spur the Duke-NUS Medical Students’ academic interest and experience, and at the same time, strengthen the Medical Student-ACP Mentor and ACP engagement. This is important for Duke-NUS as an academic medical school and for the SingHealth Duke-NUS Academic Medical Centre to identify student talents early on for medical pipeline development.

“The Duke-NUS MSF is a testament to the SingHealth Duke-NUS AMC's dedication to nurturing clinician-scientists from the get-go. This fellowship has enabled physicians-in-training to pursue academic inquiry to a deeper level, while also providing invaluable opportunities to be immersed in dynamic and exciting clinical fields of their choice.”

Mr Brian Chan
Year 3 Duke-NUS Medical Student,
Class President – Class of 2017,

"​The Duke-NUS MSF award has given me the financial opportunity to collaborate with the Department of Radiology for research, which would have otherwise been unfeasible. The award has also been a great learning experience on how to formulate, write and execute a grant.”

Ms Chuang Xue Ling
Year 3 Duke-NUS Medical Student, Student Council Member,


The Duke-NUS MSF is open to Duke-NUS Medical Students who meets the following eligibility criteria:

• Undertaking Phase 3 research/scholarly project in the research year with a mentor from SingHealth Duke-NUS Academic Clinical Programme (ACP) who is in the list of Duke-NUS Approved Research Mentor/Co-Mentor

Note for faculty: To be a Duke-NUS Approved Research Mentor/Co-Mentor, the faculty may apply directly with the Duke-NUS Office of Medical Education, MD Programme Department.

Outcomes & Objectives

The Duke-NUS Medical Student and ACP Mentor awardee pair should successfully complete the project within the stipulated timeframe. At the end of the project:

1. The Duke-NUS Medical Student should be role models to his / her juniors.

2. There should be an increase in the amount and quality of interaction and stronger partnership between the ACP Mentor and the Duke-NUS Medical Student so that it could provide further opportunities for collaborative projects.

3. ACP Mentors should be able to identify and assess potential Medical Students who are keen or apt in Research and actively engage them to continue pursuing Research.

Funding Support

Each Duke-NUS Medical Student and ACP Mentor awardee pair will be funded $3000 for the students’ Research/Scholarly project.

The fund may be used to cover project related operating expenses such as consumables, services fees and Capital Equipment (CAPEX) such as general purpose IT and communication equipment, but not for hiring of permanent manpower.
For Global health projects, with overseas travel costs, students may apply for SingHealth Duke-NUS Global Health Institute Medical Student Research Award (SDGHI MSRA). Please contact SDGHI for any travel-related queries.


Application & Review Process

Application period for FY2023 MSF has closed. 

The next cycle of applications will be in July 2024 (TBC).

Please click on the following links below for MSF application forms (FY2022).

A. P1 Grant Application Form

  • To be completed by Medical Student with endorsement from ACP Mentor and Co-Mentor (if applicable)
  • Refer to documents R1 and R2 for details required to fill in this form

B. P2A Medical Student Curriculum Vitae Form

  • To be completed by Medical Student

C. P2B ACP Mentor Curriculum Vitae Form

  • To be completed by ACP Mentor

Please refer to the following references when filling up MSF application forms.

Please click here for Overview of MSF with briefing details.

Important dates to note
​17 Jul 2023 ​Start of grant call
​25 Aug 2023 ​Close of grant call, final date for submissions to Academic Programmes Management Department

Email Ms Tulasi at for submission of application.
​27 Jul 2023 ​Briefing to Class of 2025: Overview of MSF
10.45am @ Lead on 3 (#03-16), Level 3, Duke-NUS
​Nov 2023 ​Announcement of Grant results via email

For enquiries

Please contact Tulasi (