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Academic Medicine (AM) Grants Overview

Worthy Academic Medicine programmes are provided funding support by way of AM Grants to advance key areas of focus in education, clinical innovation, research and global health. Other initiatives such as AM-ETHOS enable support of capability and talent development through new strategic funding.

​The grants encourage coordination and/or collaboration efforts within the institution/clusters or among the institutions/clusters to develop programmes that facilitate the advancement of Academic Medicine strategic goals.

The available AM Grants are:

Academic Clinical Programme (ACP) Programme Funding

a) Education Support

b) Clinical and Systems Innovation Support

c) Research Support

d) Global Health Support

Please click here to learn more about the ACP Programme Funding.

Please click here to look for more information on guidelines and forms on AMcompass Resources.

Medical Student Funding Support

a) AM-ETHOS Duke-NUS Medical Student Fellowship (MSF)

Please click here to learn more about AM-ETHOS Initiatives.

b) SingHealth Medical Student Talent Development Award (SMSTDA) 

  • SMSTDA-Project Award
  • SMSTDA-Travel Award

Please click here to learn more about SMSTDA.

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