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AMEI Educator Mentorship Programme (EMP)


The AMEI Educator Mentorship Programme (EMP) is a 1-year mentoring programme for novice / early-stage healthcare educators initiated by the AMEI – Centre for Clinician Educator Development (CCED). It was started by the CCED when less experienced educators from the different health professions expressed the need for mentorship. Specifically education mentorship from experienced educators which was distinct from clinical mentorship. For example, an EMP mentor might mentor his/her mentee about career development as an educator, or guide his/her mentee to think about evidence-based curriculum development. 

Mentoring is a professional relationship in which an experienced person (the mentor) shares knowledge, skills and perspective to develop the personal and professional growth of another (the mentee). Through mutual trust, respect and communication, mentoring gives both mentor and mentee an opportunity to grow and develop as educators through the mentoring relationship. 

Benefits includes, but are not limited to: 

  • More effective learning through feedback and modelling by the mentor; 
  • Improvement in educator competencies
  • Encouragement of self-reflection; and 
  • Nurturing of professional relationships and development. 

This is an interprofessional mentorship programme where mentors and mentees may come from different professions and discipline as the mentees. 

The goals of the EMP are to

  • nurture novice / early stage healthcare educators in our AMC and develop their educator competencies, careers in education, and their educator identity
  • build an interprofessional educator community of practice within our AMC

Programme Period of Commitment

The programme will run for one year from April 2023 to May 2024. As a general guideline, we recommend mentors and mentees to meet at least 4 times a year, which can be in the form of face-to-face discussions, tea/lunch appointments, office visits, jointly participating in some events, etc. 

If unable to meet face-to-face, zoom meetings, text messages, email exchanges, phone chats or a combination of the above can also be used to stay connected during the mentorship period. 

Programme Timeline

Phase of Implementation Timeline
​Matching of Mentors and Mentees ​3 - 14 Apr 2023
Orientation (F2F)
17 May 2023
​Mentoring Meetings1 Jun - 30 Oct 2023
​Midpoint Check-in​15 Nov 2023 
​End-year Gathering (Concluding Journey for Mentors-Mentees)22 May 2024*
​Portfolio Preparation & Submission​22 May - 22 Jun 2024



The EMP is open to all SingHealth and Duke-NUS staff who meets the following eligibility criteria:


Mentors ​Mentees
Healthcare educators who are experienced in healthcare education, usually with > 10Y Experience
Novice / early-stage healthcare educators who are keen to be mentored
Passionate & keen to mentor and guide novice/early-stage healthcare educator

​Keen to have interprofessional mentoring relationships (e.g. Dietician mentoring Nurse) 
Supported by HOD​ 
Able to commit at least 1 year to the programme​ ​


Registration Details

To register for the programme, kindly submit the below respective form by 17 March 2023: