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Arthur Lim Professorship in Ophthalmology

The late Professor Arthur Lim was a man of vision, literally and metaphorically. Prof Lim dedicated his life to turning his dream into reality – grooming eye specialists in Singapore and the region. He was responsible for the creation and development of the Singapore National Eye Centre (SNEC), Singapore Eye Research Institute (SERI), the Department of Ophthalmology, National University Hospital, and NUS. Prof Lim had a big heart. He shared his expertise freely and donated generously towards research and training, even spreading his cataract surgery teaching programme throughout China by establishing the International Tianjin Intraocular Implant Training Centre. Prof Lim said, “If you spread the teachings of good quality eye surgery to your colleagues, they will ultimately restore vision to millions of blind victims in the world.” Born in Hong Kong in 1934, Prof Lim graduated from the University of Malaya (NUS’ predecessor) in 1956. Over the years, Prof Lim held over 60 major national and international appointments. He served as President of both the Singapore Medical Association and the Medical Alumni Association. Prof Lim, who defined alumni volunteerism, was appointed Chairman of the Universities’ Endowment Fund. Here, too, he lived true to his belief, “A good doctor’s true wealth is the good he does for others in the world”, inspiring many to support education to fulfil the dreams of future generations.

SNEC and Duke-NUS established the prestigious Arthur Lim Professorship in Ophthalmology in conjunction with NUS to honour the medical visionary. The Professorship is supported by a gift from the SNEC Health Research Endowment Fund, which recognises Prof Lim’s lifelong dedication and commitment to developing quality eye care, education and research in Singapore, with far-reaching contributions to the world.

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