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Conferment of Kathy Goh Professorship in Pathology

Professor Tony Lim Kiat Hon

Kathy Goh Professorship in Pathology
Senior Consultant and Chairman, Division of Pathology, Singapore General Hospital
Academic Chair, SingHealth Duke-NUS Pathology Academic Clinical Programme

The Kathy Goh Professorship in Pathology Academic Clinical Programme (ACP) was conferred to Professor Tony Lim with effect from 1 July 2024. The Kathy Goh Professorship in Pathology was established to support long-term research in breast diseases, in particular breast cancer, to improve diagnostic, prognostic and therapeutic accuracy through biomarker discovery, leading to better survival for patients in Singapore and Asia. Professor Lim's tremendous wealth of expertise in translational research in cancer will contribute to the progress of breast oncologic pathology and raise the visibility of Singapore pathology research in the international arena. The conferment of this Distinguished Professorship is an endorsement of Professor Lim as an outstanding pathologist who has made exceptional contributions to the field of molecular pathology and oncology, and in recognition for his commitment to education and mentorship.
Professor Tony Lim is the Senior Consultant and Chairman, Division of Pathology in Singapore General Hospital and Academic Chair of the SingHealth Duke-NUS Pathology Academic Clinical Programme. He is actively involved in research focusing on molecular genetics, personalised medicine and the study of solid tumours, directing many research initiatives which are instrumental in translating discovery into diagnostics. As a Clinical Director in Genome Institute of Singapore (GIS), Agency for Science, Technology and Research (A*STAR), Professor Lim collaborates with many industry and non-industry partners, contributing his clinical expertise to numerous research projects leading to new developments and findings published in many peer-reviewed journals.
Professor Lim has made remarkable strides in bridging the gap between basic research and clinical practice. His ability to integrate molecular biology techniques with traditional pathology approaches is remarkable. His proficiency in next-generation sequencing and other advanced molecular techniques has allowed for the identification of novel genetic alterations in advanced malignancies that range from breast to colorectal, leading to the development of targeted therapies and improved patient outcomes. 
Highly respected in the medical, research and pathology communities, his contributions to Singapore science are significant. His global network in the scientific research arena serves to elevate SingHealth Duke-NUS Academic Medical Centre's global position in scientific discovery. Beyond his scientific achievements, Professor Lim possesses outstanding leadership qualities liked by all his staff. His involvement in professional societies, editorial boards, and grant review panels further underscores his commitment to advancing scientific excellence. He has also served on national bodies such as the Molecular Diagnostics Platform at Singapore Translational Cancer Consortium (STCC) and the Novel Agents Committee for Cancer (NACC) at A*STAR. To date, he has contributed to over 200 original publications, book chapters and reviews.
In addition to his research endeavours, Professor Lim is a passionate educator. He holds the position of Clinical Professor in Duke-NUS Medical School and is a Clinical Physician Faculty in the SingHealth Pathology Residency Programme where he plays a pivotal role in shaping the careers of emerging pathologists. Professor Lim's dedication to teaching and mentorship is commendable. He has been instrumental in training numerous students, residents, and fellows, nurturing the next generation of pathologists and clinician scientists. His approachable nature, patience, and ability to simplify complex concepts make him an exceptional educator. His mentorship continues to inspire young researchers to pursue clinical and scientific careers in pathology and oncology, ensuring the continued growth and advancement of the field.