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Goh Hak Su Professorship in Colorectal Surgery

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Many know Prof Goh Hak Su as the Founding Father of Colorectal Surgery. In 1989, Prof Goh established the Department of Colorectal Surgery at the Singapore General Hospital, the first of its kind in Singapore and the region. As Head of Department, Prof Goh built the foundations for clinical work, teaching and research that trained many colorectal surgeons not only from Singapore and the region but also some from the United Kingdom and Australia as well. Today, the Department remains a premier colorectal centre with an international reputation in clinical work, teaching and research.

An avid educator, Prof Goh lectured and impacted students both locally and internationally. He was awarded the Galloway Gold Medal and Memorial Lecture by the Council of the Academy of Medicine of Singapore, the Joint Royal College of Surgeons (Edinburgh) and Academy of Medicine (Singapore) Lecture in Edinburgh, the Edward Wilson Lecture in Sidney, the Harry Bacon Oration in Jodhpur, the WG Smith Lecture in Perth and the Singapore National Science and Technology Medal. In addition to knowledge and skills, he firmly believes in the importance of the art of making wise and sound patient-centric decisions in clinical work and patient care.

The endowed Goh Hak Su Professorship in Colorectal Surgery aims to propagate excellent surgery, research and training in Colorectal Surgery in Singapore and beyond. Serving as an enduring beacon to enhance the academic medicine aspirations of the department, the professorship will create a strong framework for research and a conducive environment for innovation. The professorship aspires to transform research in areas including functional bowel disorders, inflammatory bowel disease, gut microbiota, integrated pelvic cancer management and epidemiology and clinical trials of colorectal diseases in Singapore.