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​​ACP to submit Purchase Request Form to JOAM via email.

​​JOAM to source quotations from vendors and send Purchase Requisition Form or Catalogue Requisition Form to ACP for acknowledgement.

Submission to Duke-NUS Central Procurement (CP). Purchase Order (PO) will be issued and delivery will be arranged.​​Items received and ACP to sign on Invoice/Delivery Order (DO) for submission to JOAM.


  • Purpose of purchase
  • Items to procure
  • Delivery address & Special requirements

  • Review Quotes
  • Sign Purchase Requisition Form or Catalogue Requisition Form
  • ACP confirms purchase

  • Purchase Submission
  • Purchase Order issued
  • Delivery arrangement

  • Check goods/items received
  • Submit signed Delivery Order/Invoice to JOAM

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Cost Saving

    • Academic price is always lower than the commercial price.
    • Some items you could get academic price by procuring though Duke-NUS. E.g., academic publications and books, journals etc.


        • We will source for various quotations and follow up on your procurement request.
        • We aim to provide a smooth and successful procurement process.

        Count On Us

        • We have a repository of reliable and regular vendors, tapping on the PROCTOR (NUS catalogue).