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Watch Our Researchers in Action

To view the following video, please use an Internet-enabled device.

The Hidden Layer: Healthcare Trailblazers (CNA documentary)
Watch SingHealth Artificial Intelligence (AI) Trailblazers sharing about their tech innovations in their quest to improve diagnosis and care delivery for patients!

This documentary features (i) NHCS and the Spyder ECG, a wireless wearable that monitors one's ECG rhythm continuously, (ii) SNEC and SELENA+, an intelligent deep-learning system that speeds up detection of diabetic eye disease, and (iii) KKH and the AI-powered uSINETM system that increases accuracy of first-attempt needle insertion during spinal anaesthesia, and more!

Click below to watch how our SingHealth researchers – Prof Carolyn Lam (NHCS), A/Prof Philip Wong (NHCS), Prof Wong Tien Yin (SNEC), A/Prof Gavin Tan (SNEC), A/Prof Daniel Ting (SNEC) and A/Prof Sng Ban Leong (KKH) – are revolutionising healthcare with AI!