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New Joint Research Institute and Disease Centre Launched

REMEDIS will harness the potential of regenerating diseased cells, tissue and even organs to develop research, regenerative therapies and tools to tackle age-related diseases and chronic conditions. The focus will be on seven disease areas: musculoskeletal diseases, bone marrow disorders, blood disorders, cardiovascular diseases, acute and chronic wound healing, neuro-sensory diseases and eye diseases. SDCT will bridge the gap by taking these cellular and gene regenerative therapies and tools into clinical trials and translate them into clinical applications that can benefit patients.

Watch this interview by Channel NewsAsia as Prof William Hwang, Head, SingHealth Duke-NUS Cell Therapy Centre (SDCT); Co-Director, SingHealth Duke-NUS Regenerative Medicine Institute of Singapore (REMEDIS), and Medical Director, National Cancer Centre Singapore (NCCS), share more on Regenerative Medicine and Cell Therapy, and their potential application to treat diseases.