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Flow Analysis - Staff and Self Assisted Analysis

Overview of Flow Cytometry

Flow Cytometry is a powerful laser-based technology and analytical cell-biology technique which allows multiparametric detection of cells or particles in a liquid suspension, using tagged fluorochromes excited by lasers. This technique can be further categorised into flow analysis and flow cell sorting. Cells can be analysed and hence profiled according to the researcher's interest. Subsequently, these cells can also be sorted for further downstream processes like RNA analysis, culturing etc.

Flow Analysis

Flow analysis involves acquiring samples and generating data without retrieval of cells post-analysis. Some common applications include immunophenotyping of cellular subsets, assessment of DNA content/cell cycle kinetics, cellular proliferation, apoptosis and cell death, mitochondrial membrane potential, redox studies, viability assessment, drug uptake/efflux assays and assessment of transfection efficiencies (for e.g., Fluorescent protein tagged DNA/ transcriptomes).

The core platform is equipped with a BD LSR FortessaTM analyser, capable of detecting up to 18 parameters. It is mandatory for all new users to undergo a full induction training conducted by core staff. Users who have previous experience operating flow cytometers but who have not operated instruments in the recent months may opt for a refresher induction course. Experienced and competent users can be granted full-access to the platform, provided they have passed the competency checklist and assessment by core staff. These users can opt to operate the analyser independently. Alternatively, users may also request for staff-assisted analysis services for their data acquisition.

BD LSR Fortessa
• 5-laser set up: 355nm UV, 405nm Violet, 488nm Blue, 561nm Yellow Green, 640nm Red
• 18-Color Detection: 2-Blue, 3-Red, 6-Violet, 3-UV, 4-Yellow-Green Configuration    
• High-throughput system (HTS) available upon request

Image 2 Fortessa.jpg

Image 3 BD LSR Fortessa Configuration.jpg