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Clinical Trials Coordinating Centre (CTCC)

Infographics Title ​Year ProducedYear Revised ​Link
Steps to launch a clinical trial & Types of trials2016​2023 ​Download

​CRC: The Heart of Clinical Research

- What do they do?
- 5 core duties of a CRC

Initiating Clinical Trials at SingHealth (workflow)​2019​2023Download

Health Services Research Centre (HSRC)

Infographics Title ​Year Produced​Year Revised ​Link
What is HSR and what are the benefits of getting involved?2019​2023Download

Institutional Animal Care & Use Committee (IACUC)

Infographics Title ​Year Produced​Year Revised ​Link
Guiding Principles for the Care and Use of Animals in Scientific Research2016​2023Download

Research Integrity, Compliance and Ethics (RICE)

Infographics Title ​Year Produced​Year Revised ​Link
How to be Compliant with HBRA?2019​2023 ​Download
​Is Your Research Regulated Under HBRA?2019​2023 ​Download
​How to Improve Quality of Research?2020​2023 ​Download
​Reporting Workflow for Protocol Deviation and Non-compliance in Clinical Research2020​2023Download
​Operating a Research Tissue Bank2020​2023Download
​A Quick Guide for Proper Conduct of Clinical Research2020​2023 ​Download

SingHealth Intellectual property (SHIP)

Infographics Title ​Year Produced​Year Revised ​Link
Patents & SingHealth Intellectual Property2016​2023 ​Download
​Start Your Commercialisation Journey 2019​2023 ​Download

SingHealth Office of Research (OoR)

Infographics Title ​Year Produced​Year Revised ​Link
What is Translational Research?2016Download

​Enhancing the Research Process Through Managing & Sharing Research Data

- What is Research Data Management?
- Why is Research Data Management important? 

2019 ​Download
IT Security Awareness: Beware of Scams and Phishing Emails​2019Download
IT Security Awareness: Use of Encrypted Thumbdrive & Protecting Confidential Data​2019 ​Download

Grant Pre-Review Process: A Concerted Effort to Help Researchers Obtain National Grants

- What is grant pre-review?
- Benefits of grant pre-review
- Functions of OoR pre-review secretariat

​2019​2023 ​Download