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SingHealth Duke-NUS Research Team Award

The SingHealth Duke-NUS Research Team Award is an annual award that aims to recognise and celebrate outstanding and invaluable contributions by research teams to the biomedical research landscape in the SingHealth Duke-NUS Academic Medical Centre (AMC).

Below are the list of winners for SingHealth Duke-NUS Research Team Award 2020. To collaborate or read some of the winners' publications, click the dropdown list below.


SingHealth Duke-NUS Research Team Award

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1st Prize: Rapid Development of Serological Platforms to Combat COVID-19


2nd Prize: Patient-centred and Economic Evaluations of New Models of Care and Telemedicine-based Screening in Ophthalmology


Team Members:
Prof Ecosse Lamoureux (Lead), Prof Gemmy Cheung, Prof Eric Finkelstein and A/Prof Gavin Tan

Read their publications in the links below!

Cost-effectiveness of Intravitreal Ranibizumab With Verteporfin Photodynamic Therapy Compared With Ranibizumab Monotherapy for Patients With Polypoidal Choroidal Vasculopathy

Effectiveness of an innovative and comprehensive eye care model for individuals in residential care facilities: results of the residential ocular care (ROC) multicentred randomised controlled trial

Cost-effectiveness of a National Telemedicine Diabetic Retinopathy Screening Program in Singapore

Selective laser trabeculoplasty versus topical medication as initial glaucoma treatment: the glaucoma initial treatment study randomised clinical trial

2nd Prize: Asian neTwork for Translation Research and Cardiovascular Trials (ATTRaCT)


Team Members:
Prof Carolyn Lam (lead), Asst Prof Calvin Chin, and Ms Salma Asali

Find out more about the ATTRaCT programme here.