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Core Facilities

Some of the core facilities SEMC offers include:

  • Holding facilities that support short- and long-term housing and maintenance of many species, including Animal Biosafety Level 2 (ABSL2)
  • Specialist imaging equipment, including Micro-PET/MRI, Micro-CT/SPECT, LFER PET/CT, digital C-arm fluoroscope, ultrasound, gamma camera and Xenogen
  • Sterile surgery Operating Theatre (OT) and Microsurgery OT, also available for surgical skills training
  • Diagnostic and in-vitro laboratories, BSL-2 virology, molecular biology and tissue-culture laboratories
  • Sheltered-outdoor, naturally ventilated housing for large animals
  • NParks Animal and Veterinary Service (AVS)-approved international animal quarantine facilities for small and large animals
  • Access to diagnostic laboratories at SGH and other specialty centres on SGH Campus