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Our Services

Core Strengths

  • Unique capabilities of SingHealth Experimental Medicine Centre (SEMC) and National Large Animal Research Facility (NLARF) include:
  • A multi-faceted research facility located on SGH Campus
  • A key publicly-run source for large animal research, with the facilities, expertise and capabilities to support long term-large animal studies
  • Led by experienced specialist veterinarians
  • Skilled staff capable of developing complex research models, such as orthotopic tumour models and complex wound models for Principal Investigator’ (PIs) research
  • Long-term housing of large animals in sheltered outdoor housing outside SGH Campus
  • The only AVA-approved international large animal quarantine facility for Singapore-wide academic purposes
  • Technical support expertise and animal holding facilities for Animal Biosafety Level 2 (ABSL2)-type projects
  • Expertise in delivering microsurgery training and other advance skills training for biomedical research

SEMC provides comprehensive services, such as:

  • Protocol development, project coordination and logistic support
  • Basic and complex laboratory animal procedures
  • Creation of novel animal models
  • Bioimaging procedures
  • Research & veterinary technical support
  • Veterinary diagnostics, including analysis of small-volume blood samples
  • Transport services for large animals using a designated, climate-controlled vehicle
  • Technical skills training for animal research professionals and support for clinical skills training