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Supporting Advancements in Medicine

Examples of advancement in healthcare and biomedical science which are supported by SEMC / NLARF are as follows:

  • Novel approaches to cancer therapy, leading to first-in-man studies, have been developed e.g. Brachytherapy in hepatocellular carcinoma using a phosphorous 32 (32P) brachytherapy delivery device. (A Private R&D Healthcare Firm, SGH, National Cancer Centre Singapore [NCCS])
  • Eye researchers have discovered and pioneered novel medical and surgical therapies to improve outcomes for patients suffering from blinding corneal diseases. (Singapore Eye Research Institute)
  • Cancer research in autologous bone marrow-derived mesenchymal stromal cells (BMSCs) have potentially discovered a cure for haemophilia A (NCCS)
  • Researchers in Singapore have also developed diabetes cell therapy using autologous BMSCs, offering high potential to be adopted in clinical trials. (NCCS)
  • A wearable kidney dialysis system has been successfully developed by a private Singapore company for renal failure patients. (A Private Medical Device Company)
  • Novel diabetic models have been developed by a Singapore university to allow studies of new targets for intervention in the treatment/ prevention of diabetes. (A Singapore University)

    In addition, SEMC / NLARF has developed, internally, novel research models of prostate cancer, hydronephrosis, lung fibrosis and other diseases, as well as intravesical therapy model for bladder cancer, bariatric sleeve surgery model and others.