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Tan Cheng Lim – Children’s Cancer Foundation Professorship

Tan Cheng Lim – Children’s Cancer Foundation Professorship in Paediatric Oncology


As one of Singapore’s pioneers in paediatric oncology, Professor Tan Cheng Lim is a well-respected paediatrician who has had a distinguished career, heading the largest Paediatric Department in Singapore for more than two decades and shaping the paediatric landscape as one of the early pioneers in the field. He is known to be a dedicated educator, who has tirelessly trained generations of medical students and paediatricians. Those who have had the good fortune to be mentored by him, testify to his calm and patient approach to students and trainees and his legendary gentle guidance through the years. Above all, Prof Tan serves as a role model of a fine clinician, who demonstrates all the attributes needed to provide excellent medical care with empathy and compassion. He has numerous patients who are deeply indebted to the care he has given them.

Named after Prof Tan, this Professorship aims to advance the practice of paediatric medicine and improve medical treatments through clinical research in childhood cancers, and promote continued learning and innovative medical research in the future generations of paediatricians in Singapore. The Professorship is supported by a gift from the Children’s Cancer Foundation via KKH Health Research Endowment Fund. CCF is a champion for children suffering from cancers and is committed to working symbiotically with its partners in contributing to paediatric oncology research and education. This partnership with SingHealth Duke-NUS Academic Medical Centre’s Paediatrics Academic Clinical Programme will enhance the medical well-being of our children as they stand to benefit from the clinical research aimed at improving diagnosis, treatment and cure of childhood cancer.

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