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Wallace Foulds Professorship

Established in 1997, the Singapore Eye Research Institute (SERI) is Singapore’s national research institute for ophthalmic and vision research. SERI’s mission is to conduct high-impact eye research that prevents blindness, low vision and major eye diseases common to Singaporeans and Asians. Over the last decade, SERI has conducted landmark research projects that have led to tangible outcomes, patient benefits, and success stories. It has paved the way for significant improvements in how eye diseases are treated and prevented, not just for Singaporeans or Asians, but on a global scale.

At its inception, SERI saw a national remit in ophthalmic and vision research, and till today, despite the demarcations introduced by the healthcare clustering system, SERI bridges the clusters with a presence in each cluster. SERI ensures that its facilities and resources are open to researchers across Singapore so that the greatest benefit may be obtained from what is a relatively small clinical ophthalmology catchment area in Singapore. SERI ranks first globally in terms of eye publications per capita, far ahead of the US, UK and Japan. With its impressive publication track record, SERI is comparable to renowned eye institutes, both regionally and internationally.

The establishment of the Wallace Foulds Professorship will allow the Ophthalmology and Visual Sciences Academic Clinical Programme (EYE ACP) to continue its sustained efforts to actively search for the causes, preventive measures and most effective treatments for diseases and disorders of the eye that threaten Singaporeans and fellow Asians. The EYE ACP's comprehensive research programmes in the vision sciences strives to create and sustain a world renowned centre dedicated to the preservation of vision and the prevention of blindness. The EYE ACP will certainly continue its sustained endeavours to augment and grow its current strengths in research by investing in efforts to find affordable solutions to unmet clinical needs, foster greater collaboration and co-development with the private sector and accelerate the translational clinical application from laboratory to patients.

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SERI Professorship for Ophthalmology Research is renamed to Wallace Foulds Professorship.