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What Academic Medicine (AM) Means

Our patients remain at the heart of all we do. Sometimes, they come to the fore as shining models of inspiration. They motivate our staff to higher standards of care and encourage other patients in their healing. But at all times, they stand with us – hand in hand and side by side as we plan and work with them on their journey to recovery.

We can do this because behind every SingHealth’s patient is a group of dedicated healthcare professionals and faculty, a set of sound governance practices, and an infrastructure centred around people. As we embark on this important journey of AM, we remain focused on what all these mean to those most important to us.

AM gives clinicians and faculty the ability to think, study, research, discover, innovate, evaluate, teach, learn and improve. By incorporating and emphasizing medical education and research into clinical work, clinicians develop a spirit of continuous question-asking, reviewing data and constant innovating.

Through AM, clinicians and faculty drive the future of medical practice with world-class research and clinical trials, leading to the highest level of clinical care, backed by evidence-based practice. It will be a great opportunity for real improvement to perfect outcomes. With AM, patients know they are in a place where the best options in medicine will be given to them.

The AM partnership is an excellent step towards receiving the best education and training possible. By having a strong Faculty that straddles the best of the clinical, research, and education worlds, students reap the benefits of learning to meet the goal of "improving patients’ lives". With the variety of academic clinical programs emerging at SingHealth, students quickly grasp that there is more than one way to improve the lives of their patients.