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Young Clinician Researchers Peer Support Group

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The Young Clinician Researchers Peer Support Group are led by a group of passionate clinicians who are enthusiastic to share their personal experiences and know-hows. Working on the framework of "Real Talk, Real Support", they hope to provide a platform to:

      1. Link people through a one-to-one sharing session

      2. Provide career talks or sharing of personal journey

      3. Mentoring session for juniors

      4. Resource sharing and collaboration

      5. Provide pastoral care and psychological support
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Through the "Real Talk, Real Support" Series, you will acquire various knowledge and identify many support available in the AMC from the different experts and your Peer Leaders, to tackle the challenges along your journey.

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Debut Session:

How to walk the Clinician Scientist (CS) Path by A/Prof Daniel Ting

20 April 2022 (Wednesday), 12:15PM – 1:00PM, ZOOM Webinar

Chips, Cheese and Chats:

Our first-ever informal engagement between the Young Clinician Researchers PSG Leads and our community of Young Clinician Researchers

08 July 2022 (Friday), 6:00PM - 8:00PM, Academia Level 3 Atrium.

Real Talk, Real Support - Navigating the Grants Landscape

Navigating the grants landscape - lessons from a young clinician researcher's journey. 

03 October 2022 (Monday), 12:00PM - 1:30PM, ZOOM Webinar

Fireside Chat @ Poolside Bar.

Comming Soon.....

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