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Centre for Technology Enhanced Learning and Innovation

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The Centre for Technology Enhanced Learning and Innovation (CTELI) aims to deliver cost-effective technology-driven educational training and continuous faculty development to our healthcare workforce in the Academic Medical Centre (AMC) as well as to our external learners. 

CTELI is organised into four work streams: Education and Training, Support, Infrastructure and Pedagogy. Each of them is evidence-based and delivered to ensure coherence and educational relevance across the AMC. By providing support, Technology-Enhanced Learning (TEL) know-how and pedagogy best practice guidance to our educators and education innovators, CTELI acts as a focus point for TEL expertise, projects, resources and collaborations. 

This is with the ultimate goal of benefitting healthcare learners through effective use of technology, as part of the larger blended learning process, as well as equipping learners and educators with capabilities that can be applied across the care pathways for the AMC. 

For the novice, CTELI will offer new ideas, stimulating and basic step-by-step guides to set you forth on embracing TEL. For the more advanced, we hope to work with and learn from you and also, in the future, be able to offer higher-level training, support and mentoring opportunities, which will enhance learners’ andragogy and experience. 

For more information on CTELI, please contact