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AMEI Educator Development Framework (EDF)

By Educators, For Educators

Become a More Effective Educator

The Educator Development Framework (EDF) is a framework designed by educators, for all healthcare educators within the SingHealth Duke-NUS Academic Medical Centre. It is created by the AMEI Professional Development Committee (PDC) with the intent to provide a structured framework to guide educator development, aligned to a shared mental model of the different educator roles we play. To perform each role well and to become more competent educators, educators need to understand how to integrate the AMEI competencies across the five domains effectively.

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Watch the Explainer Video Series

   Watch the full "Health Professions Education Explained Video Series" to learn more about the EDF and how you can become a more effective and competent educator! Scan the QR code or click on the links below.

Why is it important to be a competent educator?
Competent educators can enhance learning and build an effective healthcare workforce that will ensure optimum health outcomes for patients. View video here.

What does it take to be an effective healthcare educator?
There are 5 Core Domains and Standards of being an effective healthcare educator. View videos Part 1 and Part 2.

What are the Professional Values of a healthcare educator?
Having the right Professional Values are important as they guide everything we do in education, every day. View video here.

What is Faculty Development?
The goal of faculty development is to improve your educator competencies or reinforce your educator professional values. View video here.

What are the different types of Faculty Development Activities?
There are many different types of Faculty Development activities beyond workshops and courses. View video here.

What is the Educator Development Framework (EDF)?
The goal of the EDF is to help us understand the different roles we play to become more competent and effective educators. View video here.

What are the different Educator Roles of the EDF?
As educators, we play three different roles, and switch seamlessly between these roles regularly. View video here.

How to use the Educator Development Framework (EDF)?
The EDF gives us a shared mental model to help ourselves, and to help other educators, become more competent and more effective educators. View video here.

Read the Detailed Guidebook

The EDF Guidebook aims to provide a more detailed explanation about the EDF concept through the use of attractive illustrations and multiple scenarios on how educators can use the EDF. ​Scan the QR code or click here to download the guidebook.

Find the Right Faculty Development Activity Through Self-Assessment

​Are you confused by the range of faculty development activities available? Or are you wondering which AMEI workshops are useful for you?

The Interactive Faculty Development Assistant (IFDA) will help curate a list of Faculty Development activities specifically for you, to help you develop into a more competent and effective educator. Try out the IFDA by answering a
few questions!
Scan the QR code or click here to access the IFDA.

Give Us Your Feedback!

Tell us your ideas, what you like, and most importantly how you think the EDF can be improved. Please let us know your thoughts by scanning the QR code or click here to access the feedback form.