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Developing Educators through a Structured Framework

AMEI recognises that each healthcare educator has different aspirations and needs. As such, AMEI provides courses and workshops to develop the skills of our educators at various levels in SingHealth and Duke-NUS. The primary purpose of the programmes is to enhance the teaching competencies and capabilities of healthcare educators across all professions and levels.

Based on a Core Standards for Healthcare Educators Framework (inspired by the UK’s AoMe Professional Standards Framework), a comprehensive suite of Level 1 and 2 educators' development programmes were designed to provide a more structural development for educators to impart their clinical knowledge and skills more effectively.

Core Standards for Healthcare Educators Framework

Assess Your Competencies

Educators are encouraged to attend the AMEI educators' development programmes or its equivalent to attain competency in each domain. Healthcare educators may complete a self-assessment to determine their competencies in each of the five domains.