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Tan Yew Hock Distinguished Lecture 2017

​Flourishing Learning across Contexts: Some Insights from the Science of Learning
29 Sep 2017 (Fri)  |  5.00pm - 5.40pm  | Academia, Auditorium

The 2nd AM•EI Tan Yew Hock Distinguished Lecture was held on 29 September at Academia as part of the SingHealth Duke-NUS Education Conference 2017. Prof Tan Oon Seng, Director of the National Institute of Education, Singapore, highlighted that the pedagogy of learning is shifting away from one that is assessment-driven to one that is more personalised and learner-centric.

He emphasised that teaching should be “big” and “mad”:

  1. To capture learners’ attention, educators need to adopt the helicopter view of thinking (BIG PICTURE) while indulging in the learners’ basic curiosity to learn (INQUIRY).
  2. Learning involves both cognition and emotions (GRIT), and the social, emotional and cultural aspects of learning (MULTIPLE PERSPECTIVES) should be taken into consideration.
  3. Moreover, to get learners to be more involved in their learning, educators can take into account their desire to understand the integrity of learning – why are they learning what they are learning (AUTHENTICITY) and understand that conversation is the key to learning (DIALOGUE).

About the Speaker

Professor Tan Oon Seng
Director, Director's Office,
National Institute of Education, Singapore

Professor Tan Oon Seng is Director of the National Institute of Education (NIE), Singapore. He was previously Dean of Teacher Education at NIE, where he spearheaded the Teacher Education for the 21st Century (TE21) initiative as a major milestone innovation for teacher education both nationally and internationally. Professor Tan was President of the Asia-Pacific Educational Research Association (APERA, 2008-2010) and the Vice-President (Asia and Pacific Rim) of the International Association for Cognitive Education and Psychology (IACEP, 2008-2011).

He is currently Editor-in-Chief of the Educational Research for Policy & Practice (ERPP) journal and Lead Editor of the Asia Pacific Journal of Education (APJE). Professor Tan was a winner of The Enterprise Challenge (TEC) Innovator Award in Singapore, for co-pioneering a project on Innovation for the Knowledge-based Economy. In 2014, he was conferred the Public Administration Medal (Silver) by the President of the Republic of Singapore for his dedication and achievement in the field of education.