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Tan Yew Hock Distinguished Lecture 2019

Programmatic Assessment as a Response to Disruptive Changes in Education
13 Mar 2019 (Wed) | 12.30pm - 1.30pm | Academia, L1-S3

With changes in medical education today, what is a more effective approach to assess competencies in healthcare?

Today, the focus of attention in medical education has shifted from ‘learning’ to ‘capacity development’. The way we perceive knowledge, the access to information, the decrease of expertise asymmetry, cognitive surplus and artificial intelligence are impacting hugely on what learners want to obtain out of their education and how they want to reach their goals.

At the 3rd AM•EI Tan Yew Hock Distinguished Lecture held on 13 March, Prof Lambert Schuwirth shared on Programmatic Assessment as a more fitting approach for competency assessment for healthcare education today. Programmatic assessment, which focuses on feedback and mentorship, provides a more holistic overview of a learner's competency.

He also discussed the societal changes impacting the way we design higher education, and how Programmatic Assessment seeks to overcome limitations in current assessment approaches.

About the Speaker

Prof Lambert Schuwirth
Strategic Professor for Medical Education,
Flinders University, Adelaide, Australia

With extensive years of experience in medical education and medical education research, Prof Lambert Schuwirth has been advisor to various royal colleges in the Netherlands and the UK. His main interest is in assessment of medical competence and performance, both in undergraduate and postgraduate training settings. Prof Schuwirth is now strategic professor for Medical Education at Flinders University in Adelaide and Director of the Prideaux Research centre.

*Speaker's information is accurate as at the time of the lecture