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IPSQ Healthcare Improvement Toolkits

Published by IPSQ, this Improvement Compendium of Toolkits is designed to provide essential training and exercise tools to support you through your patient safety and quality improvement journey.
Academic Medicine

Patient Safety & Quality (PSQ) Bulletin

Read our bulletin and success stories from our healthcare professionals in their journey towards patient safety and quality improvement in SingHealth.

Journal of Patient Safety & Healthcare Quality (JPSHQ)

Under the auspices of the Healthcare Quality Society of Singapore (HQSS) and supported by IPSQ, JPSHQ aims to fulfill the need for publications pertaining to healthcare safety and quality in the Asia Pacific.
Jul 8 Sat
Healthcare Professionals
ECMO Symposium 2023
Jan 6 Fri
HPB Zumba Gold
Open space near SingHealth Pharmacare Sengkang General Hospital 110 Sengkang East Way, Singapore 544886
Mar 13 Mon