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Academic Medicine – Enhancing Performance, Improving Care (AM-EPIC)

IPSQ has established a suite of programmes aimed at upskilling and uplifting the Patient Safety, Quality and Innovation capabilities of staff under the Academic Medicine – Enhancing Performance, Improving Care (AM-EPIC) Framework in six competency domains:

1) Patient Safety & Quality

2) Risk Management

3) Innovation

4) Staff Resilience

5) Patient Centeredness and Advocacy

6) Clinical Governance

​Our Programmes

​Foundation​Introduction to Quality and Safety​Provides a clear overview of key concepts and the framework for Quality and Safety in SingHealth.​½ Day
​Foundation​Essential Human Factors for the Healthcare Professional​Provides an overview of human factors and focuses on the issues surrounding the two key components in a man-machine interaction. Appreciation of the common “booby-traps” found in the healthcare environment, the various human factors concepts and how they can be applied towards understanding patient safety problems and even generating quality solutions.​½ Day
​Foundation​TeamSPEAKTM Workshop​Creates awareness of Speaking Up for Safety and understanding psychological safety. The workshop focuses on application of critical language CUS and strategies to build psychological safety. By applying TeamSPEAKTM strategies at critical situations or opportunities, learners are motivated to speak up in delivering better and safer care for patients.​1½ Hours
​Foundation​iTHRIVE* - Reflect . Refresh . Recharge ​This workshop is designed to provide you with the opportunity to Reflect, Refresh and Recharge through practicing Mindfulness on a weekly basis. These short and powerful practices allow you to recognize how you are feeling physically, mentally, and emotionally and will help you re-centre yourself in the present moment.

*iTHRIVE - i Transforming Healthcare through Resilience, Innovation, Values and Excellence

​1 Hour
ActivistAM-EPIC Quality Improvement Workshop​Covers basic tools and techniques for Quality Improvement and introduces Institute of Healthcare Improvement’s (IHI) improvement methodology. Targeted at staff involved in Quality Improvement activities.​3 Days
​ActivistAM-EPIC Blended Quality Improvement Workshop ​Provides participants with basic tools and techniques in Quality Improvement (QI). Participants will be introduced to the Institute of Healthcare Improvement's (IHI) improvement methodology which is a structured and integrated approach to achieve significant results in quality and productivity.
This program serves as a learning platform for anyone who wish to be involved in doing a Quality Improvement project.
​1 Day
​Activist​Root Cause Analysis Workshop​Enables participants to undertake holistic analysis of problems to identify underlying fundamental system issues. This supports the design of effective solutions that can reduce the risk of recurrence of the problems. The course cover Root Cause Analysis process, important concepts and tools that support effective problem analysis and development of solutions.​1 Day
​Activist​TeamSTEPPS Workshop​TeamSTEPPS (Team Strategies and Tools to Enhance Performance and Patient Safety) is an evidence-based comprehensive teamwork training designed to improve quality and safety in healthcare. Learners will learn set of teamwork tools and strategies, aimed at optimizing patient outcomes by improving communication and teamwork skills among health care professionals.​1 Day
​Activist​Introduction to Design Thinking Workshop

​Creates awareness and understanding of the Design Thinking mindset, through providing an overview of the process and selected tools that may be used in this problem solving approach.

​1 Day
​Activist​Project-based Design Thinking Workshop​Provide participants with guidance and knowledge on the Design Thinking approach, and opportunities to learn and apply the concepts and tools in a hands-on way. The approach creates solutions that are human-centric and emotionally meaningful. The content of this Workshop is adapted for the healthcare setting.​Based on project needs
Professional​Facilitation Skills Workshop​Provides learner with the knowledge and skills to facilitate project meetings and workshop discussions. Covers principles of Adult Learning, role and responsibilities of a Facilitator and a suite of facilitation tools for effective facilitation in different settings.​2 Days
​Professional​Train-the-Trainer TeamSPEAKTM Workshop​Trains and develops trainers who are passionate to deliver and roll-out TeamSPEAKTM within their organizations. The program aims to enhance the knowledge and skills of learners to conduct and engage their trainees.​1½ Days
Champion​Sponsors Workshop

Provides an overview of the key concepts and framework for Quality and Safety. The role of an Improvement Project Sponsor will also be clarified.

​2 Hours

For any enquiries, please email to us at if you are keen for IPSQ to organise a workshop for your organisation.