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IPSQ promotes patient safety and quality assurance through its continuous regular assessment and audits.

The Cross Institution Infection Control (CIIC) Audits which consist of Hand Hygiene (CIHH), Environmental Hygiene (CIEH) and Kitchen Hygiene (CIKH) were started in 2016 with the aim of promoting cluster hygiene and prevention of infection.

More recent audits include the Cross Institution Sterilisation Hygiene (CISH) – Sterile Processing (CISP) & Endoscopy Reprocessing (CIER) as well as the Cross Institution Safe System (CISS) Audit. The CISS Audit was initiated in pursuit of excellence and to support an infrastructure that drives long-term continued advancements in a highly reliable system. The first CISS audit was conducted in October 2020, and has since continued to undergo improvements and refinements which are implemented to ensure a safer system.

At the beginning of 2020, IPSQ quickly established the Campus COVID-19 Safe Distancing Audit (CSDA) which aims to enhance and educate on safe distancing by introducing parameters, audit domains and compliance indicators for SingHealth campus, and regularly reporting these results to SingHealth Disease Outbreak Taskforce (SDOT). IPSQ established the CSDA checklist to comprise 4 Main Domains: Environment Distancing & Environment Hygiene, Human Factors Distancing Audit, Safe Activity Distancing Measures Audit and Other Observations, while also producing a comprehensive audit guide to teach and train auditors on correct use of the checklist.

The annual SingHealth Cross Institution Auditor's Appreciation Day is organised to recognise and celebrate the collective and individual efforts of all Institutional Auditors. To date, there are more than 200 Auditors covering various domains of Audit, including Hand Hygiene, Environmental Hygiene, Kitchen Hygiene, Sterilisation Hygiene, and Safe Distancing.