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IPSQ Council Members

​The IPSQ Council comprises the following key leadership positions serving ex officio1 in the respective IPSQ Council roles:

Position​IPSQ Council Role
​Group Director, IPSQ​Chairman
​Dy Group Director, IPSQ​Dy Chairman
​Group Chief Risk Officer, SingHealth​Member
​Group Chief Nurse, SingHealth​Member
​Group Director, Allied Health, SingHealth​Member
​Group Chief Communications Officer, SingHealth​Member

​Clinical Quality Directors (or equivalent) of:



​Academic Vice Chair Clinical (or equivalent) of:

• Medicine
• Paediatrics
• Obstetrics & Gynaecology
• Surgery
• Ophthalmology & Visual Sciences
• Neuroscience
• Cardiovascular Sciences
• Oncology
• Pathology
• Radiological Sciences
• Oral Health
• Anaesthesiology and Perioperative Sciences
• Musculoskeletal Sciences
• Family Medicine
• Emergency Medicine

​Co-Opted Members​Member

1Ex officio means by virtue of an existing office; in this context, representations to the IPSQ Council as Chair, Deputy Chair or Members are by virtue of identified key leadership positions, and not by term appointment.