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SingHealth Patient Advocacy Network (SPAN)

The SingHealth Patient Advocacy Network (SPAN) is a self-driven network of patients and caregivers that represents the collective voice of patients. As Patient Advocates, they are committed to making a positive impact on healthcare and work in close partnership with the healthcare team to provide important patient and family perspectives to enhance the patient experience and quality of care.

Established in March 2017, SPAN is strategically guided by the Patient and Caregiver Engagement Framework for the SingHealth cluster, and works in close partnership with SingHealth Group Office of Patient Experience, IPSQ and SingHealth Group Nursing. SPAN is a reflection of SingHealth’s commitment to designing a healthcare system that is truly for patients, by patients.

Patient Advocates of varied backgrounds, ages and medical conditions, lend insightful perspectives of the patient and family experience, in areas such as (but not limited to):

  • Consultation and/or participation in projects for quality improvement, process design, patient experience, facility design, implementation of healthcare services and more. Depending on the scope of the project, Patient Advocates may be roped in for one-time consultations or co-opted as a member of the project team.
  • Sharing of experience through talks, skits and more
  • Patient, caregiver and staff education initiatives
  • Engagement as judges of staff and patient awards (including national-level awards like the Singapore Health Quality Service Awards and the Singapore Health Inspirational Patient & Caregiver Awards)
  • Healthcare improvement initiatives – these deep insights are welcomed by the healthcare community in meeting the need of understanding what matters to patients and caregivers


Training and development are key in supporting Patient Advocates in their exciting role as partners-in-healthcare. They attend compulsory Patient Advocates Communication Training, as well as other training sessions on Quality Improvement, Design Thinking and Story-telling.



Patient and Healthcare Team Care Pledge
For more information on the Care Pledge and how you can support the pledge, please click here.

Patients & Caregivers as Partners-in-Care
This video was produced with the aim of inspiring patients and caregivers to become active and effective partners in the care process to achieve the best possible care outcomes.

Plain English Glossary
Produced in collaboration with the over 40 patient support groups in SingHealth, the glossary aims to help healthcare professionals better engage patients/caregivers by using words and terms that they would understand.

Annual SPAN Partners-in-Care Forum (since 2019)
The annual forum brings together patients, caregivers and healthcare professionals to share stories and best practices. Interested participants may join our mailing list by emailing us at

Patient Advocate Communication Training (PACT) – accredited by the SingHealth Institute for Patient Safety & Quality
As a compulsory onboarding training for all SPAN members (i.e. Patient Advocates), PACT helps members become effective patient advocates and empowers them to provide perspectives and "actionable inputs" on proposed initiatives. The curriculum was designed and is currently conducted by the Co-Chairs of SPAN, SPAN members, as well as the Director, SingHealth Group Office of Patient Experience.  

"Involving the voices of patients calls for a fundamental rethink of our current care model, and SPAN is the bridge between patients and the healthcare team." - Prof Tan Kok Hian,
Advisor, SPAN and Group Director, IPSQ.

Other advisors to SPAN are Dr Tracy Carol Ayre, Group Chief Nurse, SingHealth and
Ms Audrey Lau, 
Group Chief Communications Officer, SingHealth.