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AMEI provides support to educators who are interested in reviewing a programme, embarking on Education Research or building of their Education Portfolios:

Programme Review Consultation
The Programme Review Consultation supports healthcare educators who seek to enhance their existing educational programmes, or wish to develop new courses with appropriate learning strategies, assessments and measure of effectiveness.


Education Research Consultation
The Education Research Consultation mentors educators to design and refine educational research questions, establish suitable research method, data analysis and statistics support as well as advice for publication write-up.


Education Portfolio Consultation
The Education Portfolio Consultation provides healthcare educators with resources and opportunities to be recognised in their academic achievements through the tracking of their education contributions which is important to their academic career advancement.


Consultation Fee

All consultation sessions are chargeable at S$200 per hour, subjected to prevailing GST rates.
Note: Consultation fee is subject to change.

How to Schedule Your Consultation?

  1. Kindly seek approval from your ACP Chair/Vice Chair or HOD first.
  2. Submit your application for the SingHealth Education Office’s Harmonised Call for Faculty Development to your ACPs/Colleges to obtain funding for your consultation.
  3. If your fund application is successful, AMEI will contact you.

Note: For requests that are expected to take more than one hour, ACPs/Colleges should put up adequate funding amount for the consultation project. For example, a research project that requires multiple consultation sessions may take up to four hours instead of just one hour.