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How To Walk The Clinician-Scientist (CS) Path By A/Prof Daniel Ting


CSs play a valuable role in bridging the gap between patient care and clinical research but the journey of a CS can be very challenging.

Come join us and hear it yourself from Associate Prof Daniel Ting, a CS himself, on the challenges he faces as he walks through his journey, how he overcomes these challenges, how he charts his CS career and how he prepares himself for grant applications.

Joining him are Dr Grace Yang, Dr Andrew Ho, Dr Dorothy Ng and Dr Matae Ahn, Leads of the Young Clinician Researchers Peer Support Group (PSG), who will be sharing their experiences, to form a peer support group, for pastoral care and support within the SingHealth Duke-NUS AMC.

Meet the Speaker

Assoc Prof Daniel Ting Shu Wei photo.jpg

Assoc Prof Daniel Ting

Consultant, Surgical Retina Department, SNEC | EYE ACP
Associate Professor, Ophthalmology,
Duke-NUS Medical School
Director, AI Program, SingHealth
Head of AI and Digital Innovation, SERI        

  Meet the 4 Young Clinician Researchers Peer Support Group Leads

Grace Yang.jpg

Dr Grace Yang

Senior Consultant, Palliative Medicine, NCCS
Assistant Professor,
Lien Centre for
Palliative Care, Duke-NUS Medical School
Andrew Ho.JPG

Dr Andrew Ho

Associate Consultant, Emergency Medicine, SGH
Dorothy Ng.jpg

Dr Dorothy Ng

Associate Consultant, Infectious Diseases, SGH
Matae Ahn.jpg

Dr Matae Ahn

Research Fellow and
Final Year Medical Student, Duke-NUS Medical School


To read about the biography of the Young Clinician Researchers, click here.


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