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Connecting Hearts and Cultivating Minds for Quality and Safety Education

Date: 16 Sep 2022, Friday | Time: 1445 - 1615 | Track Type: Panel Presentation | Format: Virtual Livestream*
*Hybrid pass holders may join the livestream at The NAK Auditorium, Academia

Speakers: Dr Diana Tan Yuen Lan, Ms Pang Nguk Lan, Dr Loh Huey Peng, Asst Prof Chang Shang Ming Alvin, Prof Tan Kok Hian

We believe in nurturing and developing the next generation of healthcare educators and learners through a holistic and lifelong education in Quality and Safety. As educators, we need to constantly reinvent ourselves to remain relevant and more effective in an increasingly evolving and digitalised healthcare system. It is important for leading academic medical centres to be adept and understand the learning needs of healthcare professionals to create a holistic Quality and Safety Education in this digital age.

There is a constant need for educators to reinvent themselves in order to remain relevant and effective in a continuously evolving healthcare system. Leading academic medical centres need to be adept and understand the ever-changing learning needs landscape of healthcare professionals in their quest for continuous learning and improvement. Creating a holistic Quality and Safety Education is key, especially with digitalisation in the healthcare system.

This session deals with efforts at promoting best practices, enhancing quality and safety education, understanding learning needs, adapting to challenges and implementing appropriate teaching and learning strategies to nurture and support learners in their professional development and growth.

Speakers will illustrate how we can cultivate Quality and Safety concepts in the minds of learners through education in this digital age. There are many new Quality and Safety education tools and initiatives which are driven by data analysis and performance indicators. Speakers will also share examples and stories of these initiatives illustrating the promotion of best practices, enhancing Quality and Safety Education, as well as making impactful and lasting changes for long term gains.

Learning Outcome(s):
By the end of the panel presentation, participants will be able to:

  • Understand the components of a holistic Quality and Safety education
  • Learn the need to reinvent ourselves to stay relevant and be more effective in an evolving healthcare system.
  • Imbibe insights into best practices in designing new training approaches in Quality and Safety education through connection and engagement with learners to cross share, teach and learn.

Target Audience:

All healthcare staff especially those involved in Quality and Safety Education.
No prerequisite level of knowledge/ experience required.

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