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Focus Areas

Infectious Diseases

Despite tremendous progress in biomedical research and clinical care, emerging infectious diseases remain a threat to millions of people worldwide, causing thousands of deaths every day. The unpredictable and transient nature of outbreaks can result in massive disruption to livelihoods and cause global economic instability as we had witnessed with COVID-19, SARS and H1N1 outbreaks. A timely, efficient and coordinated response is required to save lives and limit the devastating consequences of epidemics. One of the key strategies for mitigating disease outbreaks is accelerating the pre-clinical and clinical development of vaccines and therapeutics that target infectious pathogens.

Vaccine Development

Vaccines are highly cost-effective public health tools. However, developing a safe and efficient vaccine is a long, costly and challenging process. By interfacing adaptive experimental and clinical trial design with detailed virological and immunological measurements, we have amassed a database of molecular correlates of vaccine safety and immunogenicity. Ongoing research to define molecular correlates that play a functional role in mediating desired vaccination outcome  will further contribute to an evidence-based approach for prioritising key vaccine candidates for further clinical development. 

Therapeutic Development

Therapeutics such as antivirals and monoclonal antibodies are a crucial component of the medical arsenal against infectious diseases. Understanding the safety and mechanism of action for therapeutics early during clinical development will be beneficial to developing new drugs faster. This is particularly important for rapid outbreak response to emerging diseases of epidemic and pandemic potential.



  • Combined 50 years of experience in translational research in viral diseases
  • ISO 15189 accreditation
  • 6 completed early-stage clinical trials & 3 in progress
  • 6 investigator initiated clinical trials
  • Over 5000 samples processed
  • Over 50 publications

Key Publications

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