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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) on Registration

General Enquiries about Registration

  1. Do I need to register if I am a speaker?
    Yes. Registration is still required if you are a speaker for the Conference.

  1. Do I need to register if I am an abstract presenter?
    Yes. Upon announcement of the abstract and/or proposal results, accepted main authors must register as a delegate of the Conference. Please note that registration fees will be forfeited in the event of a withdrawal after the abstract has been accepted.

  1. I am facing difficulties registering on the online registration portal.
    The registration portal is accessible via the internet and is best viewed on Chrome or Internet Explorer 11. Should you face any technical difficulties with using the portal, kindly contact and we will get back to you within five working days.      

About Funding (for SingHealth staff only)

  1. The grant call application has ended. Am I still able to register for funding?
     Kindly check with your respective Fund Administrators on the next available Grant Call date.
    • For SingHealth Residency Faculty & Medical PECT Faculty, please contact your respective ACPs.
    • For Nursing and Allied Health PECT Faculty, please contact your institution EDOs.

  1. What other funds can I tap on if I am not eligible for any Grant Calls? 
    You may wish to tap on your Personal Training Fund, Department Fund, etc. Please check with your HR or department admin for more information.   

  1. If I am eligible for more than two Faculty Department Funds, which fund should I tap on? 
    Below is our recommendation on how you may prioritise the available Faculty Development Funds:
    • Residency Faculty Development Funds
    • PECT Faculty Development Funds
    • ACP/Institutional Funding (Internal Funds

  1. Am I eligible for funding for pre- or post-Conference workshops? 
    Kindly check with your respective Fund Administrators as indicated in Q4.

About Payment

  1. How do I make payment via department funds?
    As there are different work processes across the departments, please check with your department admin for more details. Thereafter, you will be required to provide your full billing address as follows:


  1. Are there any discounts for bulk registration (i.e. more than 1 pax)?
    There are no discounts for bulk registrations

Cancellation Policy

  1. What is the registration cancellation policy like?
    For replacement or cancellation requests, please notify the Secretariat in writing, no later than 12 September 2022.
    • For any replacement or cancellation received after 12 September 2022, no refund will be given. 
    • No-show Fee: 
      • SingHealth staff who are registered under the SingHealth Residency Faculty Development Fund and PECT Faculty Development Fund will incur ano-show fee of SGD 650.
      • SingHealth Residents and students will incur a no-show fee of SGD 50.


For further enquiries, please drop us an email at and we will respond to you within five working days.