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Creating Low-Cost Moulage and Simulators 

Date: TBC | Time: TBC | Track Type: Workshop
Format: Face-to-face | Venue: Academia
Category: Technology & Innovation | Workshop Level: Novice

Speakers: Mr Lim Chee Eng, Ms Nurul Hadainah Binte Muhamad Suhaimi, Ms Claire Chai Yue Yi

Moulage and simulators are essential in healthcare simulation trainings to enhance realism and provide visual cues to learners. However, moulage and simulators in the market can be costly, require long shipment time and are less customisable to cater to fast-changing simulation scenarios. Creating your own moulage provides more flexibility on its application. Participants will learn how to create low-cost moulage and low-cost simulators using household items and recycled parts of simulators, which reduce time and monetary resources without losing the functionality of the end product.

Learning Outcomes:
At the end of the workshop, participants will learn to:

  1. Demonstrate techniques to create low-cost moulage with household items
  2. Demonstrate techniques to create low-cost simulators with household items
  3. Recycle old parts of simulators for low-cost simulators

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