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2017 Events

"256 Shades Of Grey" Course (Survival Radiology 2017) - 4 November 2017

As part of the International Day of Radiology celebrations, the RADSC ACP organised a full-day interactive Radiology workshop for the final-year medical students from the 3 local medical schools (Duke-NUS, NTU LKC, and NUS YLL) on Saturday, 4 November 2017. 

Titled "256 Shades of Grey", this third edition of the Survival Radiology workshop series was oversubscribed by more than 100% and well attended by more than 120 medical students.

Led by the Course Advisor, Dr Lionel Cheng (Consultant, Dept of Diagnostic Radiology, SGH), the Course Directors, Dr Chia Ghim Song (Associate Consultant, Dept of Diagnostic Radiology, SGH) and Dr Cheong Wei Kiong (Associate Consultant, Dept of Radiology, SKH), together with the Course Faculty (Residents from the SingHealth Diagnostic Radiology Residency Programme – Dr Bimal Vora, Dr David Wen, Dr Jeffrey Fong, Dr Jyothirmayi Velaga, Dr Keefe Lai, Dr Mark Wang, Dr Saravana Kumar S, Dr Sonia Lee), put together an exciting programme where the students had fun while learning essentials of radiology from head to toe, with a special focus on cases that would be relevant to house officers. 

Highlights of the programme included interactive teaching using an audience response system in lectures and quizzes, and a finale inter-team quiz which saw students from the 3 medical schools working together to clinch the top prize! 


01 Survival Radiology 2017 Sonia.jpg
Course Directors, Faculty and Advisor.jpg
Final-year students from the 3 local medical schools (Duke NUS, NTU LKC and NUS YLL) participating in a teaching session

Course Advisor, Directors & Faculty

(L-R) Dr Mark Wang, Dr Sonia Lee, Dr Bimal Vora, Dr Cheong Wei Kiong, Dr Lionel Cheng, Dr Chia Ghim Song, Dr Saravana, Dr David Wen, Dr Keefe Lai


Ivan Low and A/Prof Tay KH
AProf Tay KH and Lee Wen Qiang.jpg

Team Quiz Prize Winners and AProf Tay KH.jpg
Individual Quiz Prize Winners with Associate Prof Tay Kiang Hiong
Team Quiz Prize Winners with Associate Prof Tay Kiang Hiong

Top Prize: Ivan Low (NUS YLL)

Runner-up Prize: Lee Wen Qiang (NUS YLL)

(L-R) Lu Qiqi (Duke-NUS), Alvin Ng (NUS YLL), Chew Yi Rong (NTU LKC)


Some of the feedback received:

"It is quite an inspiration to have so many nice tutors!"

"Team quiz was fun and challenging!"

"Very well planned and executed. Everything from the quality of teaching to the knowledgeable and entertaining faculty made this Saturday very well spent!"



RADSC ACP Research Day – 4 November 2017

As part of the International Day of Radiology celebrations, the RADSC ACP organised the Research Day on 4 November 2017, which was attended by more than 60 clinicians, residents, medical students, radiographers, nurses and scientists from the RADSC community. 

In this era of precision medicine, and with the advent of technologies such as machine learning and artificial intelligence, the radiology community is faced with unprecedented opportunities to play a key role in transforming the practice of medicine. In the first keynote talk, Dr Dirk de Korne (Deputy Director, Medical Innovation & Care Transformation, KK Women's & Children's Hospital) discussed four current particular technological advances in healthcare and their potential impact for imaging services. 

Prof Khong Pek-Lan (Head & Clinical Professor, Department of Diagnostic Radiology, University of Hong Kong & RADSC ACP Academic Advisor) followed with a discussion on the pivotal importance of imaging research in harnessing the full potential of these new technologies to drive the advances in clinical imaging. Finally, Ms Julia Eng Chui Lee (Assistant Director, Division of Nursing, KK Women's & Children's Hospital) shared how clinicians, nurses and allied health professionals could design and perform small research projects which have a significant impact on clinical care.

 06 Dr Dirk De Korne.jpg

Dr Dirk de Korne delivering his keynote talk titled "Technological Advances in Healthcare & Their Potential Impact on Imaging Services"


The keynote talks were followed by oral presentations of research projects, which were divided into two tracks: (1) Resident/Medical Student/Scientist and (2) Radiographer/Nurse track.


07 Mr Joshua Lim.jpg

Mr Joshua Lim Li Liang (R) (Medical Student, NUS YLL SOM) won the best presentation for the Resident/Medical Student/Scientist track for his presentation on "Investigating the appropriateness of MRI brain orders and the relationship between appropriateness of orders and imaging findings in a tertiary hospital"


08 Mr Ng Jia Jun.jpg 

Mr Ng Jia Jun (R) (Senior Radiographer, Department of Radiology, SKH)  won the best presentation for the Radiographer/Nurse track for his presentation on "Institutional Computed Tomography (CT) Diagnostic Reference Level (DRL) on a transitional site: How does the CT DRL of common adult CT examinations compare to recent CT DRL publications worldwide?"



Sharing Session On Perspectives In Leadership – 27 April 2017

As part of RADSC ACP'S efforts to nurture future healthcare leaders, Emeritus Senior Minister Goh Chok Tong was invited to share his perspectives on leadership with the Leadership Mentorship Programme mentees and ACP key appointment holders on Thursday, 27 April 2017. 

ESM Goh spoke about the responsibilities of a leader, and shared some of the challenges he encountered in various leadership positions in both the private sector and public office. He also shared his view on the various issues that clinician leaders in public service face in the current  environment of disruptive change with constant innovations and advancement. Leaders need to step up to the challenge when called upon, step out of their comfort zones, put in their full dedication to make things work. They should also not be afraid to try new ideas, take calculated risks and fail as part of the learning and improvement process.

Enthusiastic feedback encompassing - "It is not just a job but must be a calling to serve with passion as leaders",  "....hard work, building a good reputation, delegation and supporting our teams by taking responsibility and giving credit where due…." and  "….service with gratitude…" – were some of the responses from attendees.

Everyone benefited from ESM Goh's sincere, insightful and candid sharing, and was greatly inspired on their journey to future leadership within and beyond RADSC ACP. 

09 Leadership Sharing Session 27 April 2017.jpg

ESM Goh and RADSC ACP members at the sharing session