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AM•EI Teachers’ Day Webinar 2020

How Has COVID-19 Affected Healthcare Education?

Conventional face-to-face tutorials, workshops and conferences have to be cancelled or shifted online to ensure the safety of our educators and learners. Despite the disruptions and adjustments to modify traditional teaching sessions and training schedules, our educators rose to the challenge by innovating and re-shaping the way they teach to ensure that our learners remain engaged in learning.

Reshaping the Way We Teach During COVID-19

The inaugural AM•EI Teachers’ Day Webinar on 25 September 2020 saw a strong attendance of close to 300 passionate healthcare educators and learners. The speakers, who represent the breadth of health professions across the SingHealth Duke-NUS AMC, shared their experiences on finding new ways to teach and overcoming challenges posed by the COVID-19 pandemic.

The vibrant discussions allowed the passionate educators in our midst to reflect on some of the unique opportunities that the pandemic has presented as we learn from one another to navigate through these trying times. Together, we can advance healthcare education for better patient care!

(Our Speakers & Panelists for the AM•EI Teachers’ Day Webinar 2020 )


   Watch the “Education in Pandemics and Epidemics” Video

Watch the full video as our educators and learners share their reflections
on what education in this pandemic means to them.

Topic 1:
Role-modeling, Leadership and Courage

Healthcare education and leadership may be facing its biggest challenge yet, with increasing demands on the Clinician Educator amid a pandemic and a world drowned in the Internet of Things. Like a litmus test, COVID-19 signals a new era for healthcare education and leadership. In these uncertain times, what lessons can we gain from the role models around us?

by Ms Grace Ho Hui Ling
Nurse Educator, Changi General Hospital

Topic 2:
The ‘Teaching’ Must Go On – Education Continuity During COVID-19

The COVID-19 pandemic has catalysed the proliferation of online learning, resulting in educators having to migrate their traditional teaching environments to virtual learning environments. How can we overcome the educational challenges faced with the shift to online learning? Gain useful tips and recommendations to deliver an effective online teaching for better patient care!

by Dr Lennie Foo Lean Heong
Consultant, Restorative Dentistry, National Dental Centre Singapore

Topic 3:
Interprofessional Collaboration           

How can interprofessional education and collaborative practice in healthcare continue in a post COVID-19 world? Drawing on the success of the Interprofessional Perioperative Team-learning programme, the talk will illustrate how blended learning and innovative practices can be used to overcome physical restrictions. The stress and tensions experienced by the stakeholders in interprofessional collaboration and practice (IPCP) will also be discussed using the Ecological Systems Framework.

by Assoc Prof Raymond Goy
Deputy Campus Education Director (Postgraduate Education), KK Women’s and Children’s Hospital

Topic 4:
Resilience, Wellness and Burnout            

How can we identify burnout and build resilience in our learners and healthcare professionals? With the COVID-19 pandemic, it is imperative to maintain the emotional, mental and physical well-being of our healthcare professionals. Gain insights on how we can cultivate a stronger and more resilient teaching environment and workforce to improve care for our patients.

by Dr Sylvia Mun
Chair, Singhealth Academy College of Allied Health (CAH) & Deputy Director, Allied Health Office, KK Women's and Children's Hospital

Catch the “Education in Pandemics and Epidemics” Trailer

Watch the trailer as our educators and learners share their reflections
on what education in this pandemic means to them.