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Dr Chong Shin Yuet

Senior Consultant, Department of Anaesthesiology,
Singapore General Hospital (SGH)

Dr Chong Shin Yuet is a senior consultant in the SGH Department of Anaesthesia and is currently the Director of Paediatric Anaesthesia in SGH. A passionate educator, she is the Lead for Simulation Education in the SingHealth Anaesthesiology and Perioperative Sciences Academic Clinical Programme (ACP) and is also the Campus Director for SGH in SingHealth-Duke NUS Institute for Medical Simulation (SIMS). She is one of the core faculty in the SingHealth Anaesthesiology Residency Programme and is also a member of the international faculty who teaches the Master Debriefer Course at the Debriefing Academy. She leads a team of enthusiastic simulationists who run in situ simulation workshops in the operating theatre and ICU for interprofessional team training in crisis management, using process-oriented in situ simulation as a tool to test out new facilities and improve work processes and patient care.


Dr Chong Shin Yuet's Session:

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