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Fellowship in Team-Based Learning (FTBL)


Do you have difficulty engaging your learners? Are you wondering if online learning can be impactful? Are you looking to get more excited about teaching again? Do you want detailed feedback on your Team-based learning (TBL) modules?

Join us for the AMEI Fellowship in Team-Based Learning (FTBL), a comprehensive educator development programme designed to help educators develop the skills to create more engaging and impactful learning activities using Team-Based Learning ™.

By the end of the programme, you will:

  • Develop a draft for a TBL module with extensive support and feedback, that will be delivered in a series of interactive and engaging activities. [Series 1]
  • Receive extensive feedback on your TBL modules and advanced modules on facilitation and programme evaluation. [Series 2]

Programme Structure:

The programme consists of two unique developmental series:

In Series 1, you will learn the funamentals of a good educational programme along with unique TBL techniques to enhance your learners' experiences. You will attend TBL structured modules designed to enable you to learn the best practices in developing most learning activities, how these best practices relate to developing effective TBL modules, and to build an effective faculty guide to facilitate the delivery of the module. For this series, you will attend the following modules:

1.1 Introduction to TBL

1.2 Designing Effective Objectives and Quality MCQs

1.3 Writing Powerful Applications

1.4 Creating an Effective TBL Module

1.5 Effective Facilitation

1.6 Peer Evaluation

Series 2 is an advanced course for those who have gained experience running TBL modules. This series provides a great opportunity for you to refine your existing TBL modules. It focuses on mentorship and feedback on modules, educational scholarship, programme evaluation, and advanced facilitation skills. For this series, you will attend the following five modules:

2.1 Module Review: TBL Works in Progress (TWIP)

2.2 Advanced Facilitation

2.3 TBLC Certification Process

2.4 Programme Evaluation

2.5 Scholarship in Education


Participants in the FTBL programme can look forward to receiving the following SingHealth Duke-NUS Academic Medicine Education Institute certificates at the end of each Series:

Series 1: Certificate of Participation
Series 2: Certificate of Achievement

In collaboration with the Team-Based Learning Collaborative (TBLC), participants who are registered TBLC members will receive a Fundamentals Certificate from the TBLC at the end of Series 1 at no added costs.

Additional Certifications

The TBLC also offers TBL Practitioner and TBL Trainer-Consultant certifications. To support you in attaining these certificates, a mentor will be assigned to guide you in creating a comprehensive portfolio that provides evidence of the development of your skills in delivering TBL modules or training others to develop TBL.

Series 1 will prepare you well for the completion of the TBL Practitioner Certification portfolio. You are welcomed to ask for advice. 

In Series 2, we will discuss the requirements needed to obtain the TBL Trainer-Consultant Certification. More information will be shared at the start of each FTBL series.

FTBL 2021 Date(s)

Series 1:
Every Monday & Thursday from 23 Aug to 16 Sep 2021
23 Aug, 26 Aug, 30 Aug, 2 Sep, 6 Sep, 9 Sep, 13 Sep & 16 Sep | 7.00pm - 10.00pm | Via Zoom Conference

Series 2:
Scheduled for 2022, dates will be shared in due course.

Meet the Faculty

Prof Sandy Cook
Deputy Director, AMEI & Senior Associate Dean, Education, Duke-NUS Medical School
Asst Prof Foo Yang Yann
Assistant Professor, AMEI
Asst Prof Irene Lee
Assistant Professor, MD Programme, Duke-NUS Medical School
Dr Sarada Bulchand
Lead Associate, AMEI & Lead, Career Development Programme, Duke-NUS Medical School

Course Fees

As of March 2021, the AMEI’s FTBL course fees* have been revised for the online platform to the following:

Course Fees
​Early Bird Rate (20% off)
​Scholarship Rate (50% off)
​Series 1
​S$ 2,000.00
​S$ 1,600.00
S$ 1,000.00​
Series 2 #
​S$ 1,250.00
S$ 1,000.00​
S$ 562.50​
Full Programme
​S$ 3,250.00
​S$ 2,600.00
S$ 1,562.50​

These fees cover tuition and all course materials, and are subjected to prevailing GST rates.
#For those interested in Series 2, kindly register your interest via email.

Early-Bird Rate: Register for the FTBL programme before 31 May 2021 to enjoy a further 20% off the original course fees. This discount cannot be used in conjunction with the scholarship or internal rates.

Scholarship Rate: A limited number of scholarships are available strictly for applicants based in underserved countries. Each applicant will be reviewed on a case-by-case basis and final decision on the award will be made by the course directors.

Registration Details

For FTBL 2021 intake, register by 30 June 2021 via the online form here.