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AMEI Teachers’ Day Webinar 2021

Celebrating Educators: Recoginising Excellence, Affirming Identity

The second AMEI Teachers’ Day Webinar was held together with the AMEI Golden Apple Awards Ceremony 2021 on 30 September. Close to 120 healthcare educators and learners attended the virtual webinar to celebrate our educators, recognise excellence and affirm our identities. The speakers shared on what inspired their teaching journey, and highlighted the importance for health professions educators to embrace their roles and to develop a stronger professional identity. This will help to strengthen their impact on the next generation of healthcare professionals and learners.

(Our Speakers & Panelists for the AMEI Teachers’ Day Webinar 2021)


Topic 1:
I'm a Healthcare Professional, and I teach. Does that Make Me an Educator?

The journey for those aspiring to become a healthcare professional is heavily shaped by not just the medical school curriculum, but by the many seniors, mentors and peers around them. Like it or not, all healthcare professionals are role models who teach and inspire their learners and colleagues in some ways or another. Juggling multiple commitments in her professional and personal roles as a mother, a respiratory physician, a sleep specialist, and more, Dr Ong Thun How will expound her views on why everyone is or needs to be an educator at heart.

by Clin Assoc Prof Ong Thun How
Vice Chair, Education, SingHealth Duke-NUS Medicine ACP & Senior Consultant, Respiratory and Critical Care Medicine, Singapore General Hospital

Topic 2:            
What I Have Learnt from Role Models in Education

Coming to Singapore as a foreign student from a non-English speaking background to becoming an Allied Health educator, Ms Yeoh Ting Ting has learnt and gained much from her role models in healthcare who have inspired her teaching journey. At the webinar, Ting Ting will share stories learnt from her role models and her personal convictions to becoming a good educator, which are guided by four core principles heavily influenced by Asian philosophies – the courage to be humble, the awareness to be inclusive, to have respect for each learner’s potential, and to guide with compassion.

by Ms Yeoh Ting Ting
Vice Chair, Therapeutic Sciences,
SingHealth Academy College of Allied Health (CAH)

Topic 3:
Why I Became a Nurse Educator

What led Ms Hanijah Abdul Hamid on her path as an educator was not a magic crystal, but wise leaders who opened her blind Quadrant of Johari’s window. Having started her career as a nurse, she witnessed how her mentors made knowledge came alive during patient care. Their sense of purpose and steadfast approach in teaching inspired her to become an educator with a clear intent to continue engaging, educating and empowering the nurses with whom she has the privilege to work with. Hear as Ms Hanijah reflects on her teaching journey that enticed her to the best of both worlds, a dual calling which is to Nurse and to Teach.

by Ms Hanijah Abdul Hamid
Deputy Director, Nursing Education, Changi General Hospital &                      
Deputy Chair, SingHealth Academy College of Clinical Nursing (CCN)

Topic 4:
Journeys Together: Communities of Practice & Educator Identity

How can an Education Community of Practice help to develop health professions educators, especially in terms of reinforcing our identity as healthcare educators? At the webinar, Assoc Prof Nigel Tan will touch on the concept of Communities of Practice, and provide examples of how we might grow our education community in our SingHealth Duke-NUS Academic Medical Centre.

by Assoc Prof Nigel Tan
Group Director, Education (Undergraduate), SingHealth &
Chairperson, AMEI Professional Development Committee