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Clinical Debriefing 

Date: TBC | Time: TBC | Track Type: Workshop
Format: Face-to-face | Venue: Academia
Category: Faculty Development & Debriefing | Workshop Level: Novice, Intermediate, Advanced

Speakers: Assoc Prof Gan Han Nee, Dr Thng Shin Ying, Assoc Prof Yvonne Goh, Dr Elaine Tan

This practical hands-on workshop is for healthcare professionals who would like to learn more about clinical debriefing in a fast paced clinical environment. We will be introducing you to tools and techniques you can use to carry out debriefing after a clinical encounter whilst ensuring psychological safety of your healthcare team. Clinical debriefing allows for workflow, processes and systems improvement to be carried out in a safe learning environment.

Learning Outcomes:
Upon completion of this course, the learner will be able to: 

  1. Describe when clinical debriefing should be done 
  2. Identify the key elements of clinical debriefing 
  3. List tools used in clinical debriefing 
  4. Explain the elements of psychological safety
  5. Reflect on practice of good debrief
  6. Discuss the barriers that may occur during clinical debriefing and their respective solutions

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